What a lovely day it is. My phone is just running over various TikTok videos from people I have no idea of as I finish various tasks on my laptop… Suddenly, my attention is drawn to a video featuring a lady with a sweet sound, sweeter than what I have been listening to in the past few minutes. It turns out that the voice I heard matches the Lady’s looks. ”Damn, this lady is beautiful,” I blush as I go ahead to actually follow the lady on TikTok and watch a couple of her other videos. Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to one of the brilliant Kenyan minds that I am yet to meet, Brightstar Kasyoka. Here is her story:

Who is Brightstar Kasyoka:

Brightstar is one of the brilliant minds in Kenya. She is a graduate of Maseno University and one of the most influential Kenyans currently o the rise.

Brightstar Kasyoka’s Education Journey:

Being one of the brightest ladies in Kenya, she got a scholarship with her high school education and later joined Maseno University. She is a holder of a degree in political science from the same university, where she also served as a student leader.

Brightstar Kasyoka Leadership Positions:

She is a recipient of many local and international awards, having served in higher ranks and having traversed through many continents of the world.

What did her Mum do to her?

Kasyoka’s mom gave birth to her at the tender age of 17. In fact, Kasyoka confused her mum for her sister. After having an accident that hurt one of her hands, Kasyoka’s mother was not happy with the new hand of her daughter. She later abandoned the daughter three years after birth, leaving Kasyoka to be raised by her grandfather, who served as a security guard.

Brightstar Kasyoka Businesses:

If you are a lover of suits and nice-fitting clothes, she is the right person to reach out to. She has two companies that are currently doing excellent, one of which is a breakthrough in the fashion Industry.

Brightstar Kasyoka social media handles:

Instagram: @brightstarkasyoka

Facebook: Brightstar kasyoka

Tiktok: Brightstar kasyoka

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