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The Impact of Pornhub on Fashion Industry: Pornhub Apparel Line

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Impact of Pornhub on Fashion Industry: Throughout the world, the fashion industry is famous and has always been known for being at the forefront in setting standards and influencing cultures across the world. In very recent years, the fashion world has received an unexpected player in the industry: Pornhub.

For those not familiar, pornhub is an entertainment website that has made a name for itself not only in the world of pornography but also in the most recent realm of fashion. As if that is not enough, Pornhub has launched its own apparel line, that I shall be discussing in the exclusive paragraphs that follow this one. Pay close attention, as this is how the pornhub has impacted the fashion industry.

The Pornhub apparel line: Impact of Pornhub on the Fashion Industry

In the year 2015, I bet a good number of fashionistas were surprised when pornhub launched its own clothing line under apparel and accessories. They started with the manufacture of hats, t-shirts, and hoodies. The main marketing tip was the incorporation of the site’s logo and other suggestive designs into the main clothing line. The move was very unexpected but ended up being a hit, especially among the site lovers. What is your thoughts on the same?

With time and with the rise of their followers, Pornhub went ahead to include more diverse choices of fashion such as swimwear accessories and even their most recent, eco-friendly clothing. The brand has successfully risen as a fashion giant by collaborating with top fashion firms such as Hood by Air and the famous Gypsy Sport.

But why would a porn site want to sell clothing?

There is a very simple answer to this question: branding. Over the years of its existence, Pornhub has successfully built a strong brand and identity for itself, and thus, through the apparel line, the company will solidify its brand. Through the sale of clothes, it will help to normalize the entire conversation surrounding sexuality and pornography.

The Pornstar Effect in the Fashion Industry: Impact of Pornhub on Fashion Industry

Through the years and especially in the recent past, pornstars have had a huge impact on the fashion industry. Several pornstars have become fashion and style icons, have showcased their fashion side, and have partnered with many brands to create their own lines.

Of notable mention is Asa Akira who has collaborated with Goodbye Bread and the Hundreds to release her own clothing collections and fashion line. It sounds like a dream, right?