The University students and graduates have been blamed for long for being half baked, a claim that has deterred many from prosperity. However, it seems that the Kenyan graduates are far ahead of others as they have proved to be very innovative and have the urge towards business and self employment.  Much to our delight, one Victor Isayi has invented a washing machine that doesn’t use electricity. What then does it use? Lets find out in the subsequent paragraphs.

The newest washing machine in town operates on the basic scientific principles of friction. For the machine to achieve such a high friction, it is generated by cycling the pedals which are already fitted on it.

According to the Kenyan Inventor, the machine is such a breakthrough in the industry as it will help many to exercise and cut off their weights. It is like a gym in itself. As the machine spins, the clothes rub themselves against a piece of net and also rubs against each other. Through the creation of friction, the dirt is ultimately eliminated.

Victor says that it will take you approximately 10 minutes to have your clothes clean. The machine which is the latest invention in town will cost you an estimated Kshs 10,000 only. In the spirit of Buy Kenya build Kenya, we urge our millions of readers out their to support local ideas.

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