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Paul Wanner’s Girlfriend: Bio, age, Parents and Net worth

Paul Wanner’s Girlfriend is one of the major bases of this article today. Welcome, from whatever part of the world you are reading this from. Mpya News is home to the latest facts and gossip happening around the world. Today, we discuss key details of one of the fastest-emerging male players in the football arena, Paul Wanner. Take a look:

Paul Wanner’s Place of Birth:

He was born in southern Germany in a town called Amtzell, which lies between Freiburg and Munich, close to the Austrian border.

Paul Wanner’s age:

He was born in December 23rd, 2005, and is currently a German professional footballer playing for Bayern Munich.

When did Paul Wanner sign for Bayern Munich? 

He began his football career at a tender age while playing for Ravensburg before the Bayern Munich’s team spotted him during a scouting event thus earning him a place at the Lucrative football club. He was officially signed into the club in July 2022 at the age of 14.

Which position does Paul Wanner play?

He is an attacking midfielder with an amazing left foot that is enough to leave many defenders oozing down and recounting the losses.

Who is Paul Wanner’s girlfriend?

Currently, our team on the ground has established that Paul Wanner is not dating as of now. He is focusing on building a strong career for himself and is thus single.


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