Antonio Rudiger’s wife is one of the beautiful females married to soccer players especially at Chelsea football club. Antonio Rudiger has been hailed by many as one of the best defenders currently in the Premier League and the entire world. The defender has enjoyed a past successful season at Chelsea Football club that saw him win the Champions League. Today, we shall not be discussing his pitch skills but will do more about his family and relationship status. Many of our fans have requested us to air the story of Antonio Rudiger’s wife and children. I have analyzed a bio in regards to the same and here is what we have to offer:

 Antonio Rudiger’s wife: Full Name

The chelsea’s defender and star is married to a very beautiful lady known as Laura. Laura is an ancient sweet name that symbolizes victory and honor.

When did the two lovebirds tie a knot:

The couple tied a knot during the summer of 2019. This was after Rudiger had signed for Chelsea football club and his career was beginning to have an upward trajectory.

Antonio Rudiger’s wife and Children:

The Chelsea defender and his wife are blessed with a cute boy. He was born in February 2020. Rudiger’s son is known as Djamal Sahr Rudiger. The couple later gave birth to another child during the champions league Era and Rudiger named the child Aaliyah Trophy Rudiger. This child was born to Rudiger moments after winning the second champions league with Chelsea FC. To celebrate the victory, Rudiger named the child after the iconic events.

Antonio Rudiger’s Wife Height, Occupation, and  Nationality.

Rudiger has managed to keep details of his wife away from the public limelight. There are no details of her age or nationality. However, Rudiger is a German by nationality and has played many key games for the country. He is expected to feature in next year’s world cup as he is a key ingredient to victory.

Antonio Rudiger’s wife: Race, colour and hair:

She is brown blonde and light skinned in color. Her hair is black, making her look more beautiful and fit to be such a highly ranked player-wife.



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