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Who is Simone Biles Currently Dating/Engaged to?

Simone Biles is one of the renown celebrities in the United States of America. She is know for her moves on the pitch, her talent that has earned her a high place at the table of the rich and the mighty. Many are impressed that at the age of 24, Simone Biles as an attractive and impressive collection of medals at her Arsenal. Today we are getting a little more personal into the love life of Simone Biles. Take a look:

Who is Simone Biles Currently Dating/Engaged to?

Bad news to those eying on Simone Biles is that she is taken and already engaged. She is dating a handsome man by the name Jonathan Owens. The two lovebirds came out to the general public when they announced that they are in a relationship in the year 2020.

The Olympic gold medalist and the 26 year old Jonathan are currently engaged as announced via their social media platforms.

What are the two famous For ?:

Simone Biles is famous for being a Gymnastic star while Jonathan is famous for his Houston Texas safetly. The two got engaged on Valentines day.

When is Simone Biles and Jonathan wedding?:

The two lovebirds have not yet announced their wedding dates. I am sure that when they do so, I shall not hesitate but share the dates with you.


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