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Amber Ray is a popular Kenyan socialite, model, and businesswoman who has been making waves in the entertainment industry since she first came into the limelight. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at Amber Ray’s biography and her current boyfriend in 2023.

Amber Ray; Real Name

Biography: Amber Ray was born on January 22, 1992, in Nairobi, Kenya. Her real name is Faith Makau, and she grew up in Huruma, one of the largest informal settlements in Nairobi. Despite growing up in a humble background, Amber Ray had big dreams and aspirations, which she has been able to achieve through hard work and determination.

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Amber Ray started her career as a model, working with various brands and fashion houses in Kenya. She later ventured into the entertainment industry, becoming a popular socialite and influencer on social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok. Her social media following has continued to grow over the years, with millions of followers across different platforms.

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Aside from her modeling and social media work, Amber Ray is also a successful businesswoman. She owns a beauty salon in Nairobi, which specializes in hair and makeup services. She has also invested in real estate, owning several properties in Kenya.

Amber Ray: New Boyfriend

Boyfriend: As of 2023, Amber Ray is in a relationship with Jamal Gaddafi, a well-known Kenyan businessman and media personality. The two have been dating for a while now, and their relationship has been the subject of much speculation and rumor in the Kenyan entertainment industry.

Jamal Gaddafi is the CEO and founder of Softcare Diapers, one of the leading diaper brands in Kenya. He is also a media personality, having worked with various TV and radio stations in Kenya. Jamal is known for his lavish lifestyle, which he often shares on social media platforms.

Amber Ray sexy

Amber Ray and Jamal Gaddafi have been spotted together on several occasions, attending events and functions as a couple. The two have also shared photos of each other on their social media pages, confirming their relationship.

In conclusion, Amber Ray is a talented and successful Kenyan socialite, model, and businesswoman who has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry. Her relationship with Jamal Gaddafi has also been making headlines, with many Kenyans curious about the couple’s future together.


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