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17 things Jonathan Banks is famous for

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Jonathan Banks: Jonathan Banks, a seasoned actor with a career spanning several decades, is celebrated for his remarkable contributions to the world of entertainment. Known for his exceptional talent and versatility, Banks has garnered a legion of fans and a reputation that has made him a household name. In this article, we’ll explore 17 things Jonathan Banks is famous for, shedding light on his impressive career and the diverse roles that have made him an enduring figure in the world of film and television.

1. Breakout Role in “Breaking Bad”:

Jonathan Banks achieved widespread recognition for his portrayal of Mike Ehrmantraut, a stoic and lethal enforcer in the critically acclaimed TV series “Breaking Bad.”

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2. Multiple Emmy Nominations:

Banks received multiple Emmy nominations for his role in “Breaking Bad,” showcasing his exceptional acting skills.

3. Spin-off Series “Better Call Saul”:

His character Mike Ehrmantraut was so popular that it led to a spin-off series, “Better Call Saul,” in which Banks reprised his role.

4. Iconic Tough Guy Characters:

Banks is renowned for his ability to play tough, no-nonsense characters, which has made him a go-to actor for roles that require intensity and gravitas.

5. Guest Appearances:

He has made guest appearances on various TV shows such as “Community,” “Modern Family,” and “Parks and Recreation,” demonstrating his range as an actor.

6. Voice Acting:

Banks is famous for lending his distinctive voice to various animated shows and video games, including “Rick and Morty” and “Call of Duty.”

7. Film Appearances:

In addition to his TV work, he has appeared in numerous films, including “48 Hrs,” “Beverly Hills Cop,” and “Airplane!”

8. Theatre Background:

Before his on-screen success, Banks had a strong theatre background, which contributed to his exceptional acting skills.

9. Character Depth:

He is known for bringing depth and complexity to his characters, allowing viewers to connect with even the most morally ambiguous individuals he portrays.

10. Longevity in the Industry:

Banks’ enduring career is a testament to his talent and commitment to the craft, with no sign of slowing down.

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11. Supporting Roles:

He has excelled in supporting roles, often stealing scenes with his commanding presence.

12. Versatility:

Banks is not limited to any one genre or type of character, proving his versatility through a wide range of roles.

13. Cult Following:

He has amassed a dedicated fan base, especially among fans of crime dramas and thrillers.

14. Mentorship:

Banks has mentored and inspired younger actors, passing on his wisdom and experience to the next generation.

15. Award-Winning Performances:

In addition to Emmy nominations, Banks has received awards and accolades for his remarkable performances.

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16. Respected by Peers:

His peers in the industry hold him in high regard, further solidifying his reputation as a respected actor.

17. Upcoming Projects:

Fans eagerly anticipate Banks’ upcoming projects, as he continues to make a significant impact in Hollywood.


Jonathan Banks’ fame is a testament to his exceptional talent, versatility, and the indelible mark he has left on the world of entertainment. From his unforgettable role in “Breaking Bad” to his diverse range of characters across different mediums, Banks has captivated audiences and cemented his status as a beloved and respected figure in the industry. With a career as illustrious as his, it’s safe to say that Jonathan Banks is indeed a legendary actor, and his legacy in Hollywood is sure to endure for generations to come.