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Who is dating Anya Taylor-Joy? Full relationship timeline 2024

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Anya Taylor-Joy: Anya Taylor-Joy has captivated audiences with her captivating performances and undeniable charm. From her breakout role in “The Witch” to her recent portrayal of Beth Harmon in “The Queen’s Gambit,” the actress has established herself as a talented and versatile force in Hollywood. But beyond her professional accomplishments, fans are naturally curious about her personal life, particularly her romantic relationships.

While Taylor-Joy has always maintained a certain level of privacy regarding her dating life, there have been glimpses into her love life over the years. Let’s take a look at her known relationships and explore the timeline of her love story so far.

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Early Relationships:

  • Eoin Macken (2019): Rumors of a potential romance between Taylor-Joy and Irish actor Eoin Macken surfaced in 2019 after they were spotted together at several events. However, neither confirmed nor denied the speculation, and the nature of their relationship remained unclear.
  • Matt Smith (2020-2021): In 2020, Taylor-Joy and “Doctor Who” star Matt Smith were seen together on multiple occasions, sparking dating rumors. While they never publicly confirmed their relationship, their frequent outings and interactions fueled speculation. However, in 2021, reports emerged that the couple had gone their separate ways.

Current Relationship:


  • Malcolm McRae (2021-present): In 2021, Taylor-Joy sparked new romance rumors when she was spotted wearing a ring and getting cozy with musician Malcolm McRae. Though they kept their relationship private for several months, they eventually stepped out publicly as a couple in June 2022. In July 2022, reports confirmed that the pair had tied the knot in an intimate ceremony.

Full Relationship Timeline:

  • 2019: Rumors of a potential relationship between Taylor-Joy and Eoin Macken surface.
  • 2020: Taylor-Joy and Matt Smith are spotted together on multiple occasions, sparking dating rumors.
  • 2021: Taylor-Joy is seen with musician Malcolm McRae, sparking new romance rumors.
  • 2022: Taylor-Joy and McRae are spotted wearing rings and getting cozy, confirming their relationship.
  • June 2022: Taylor-Joy and McRae make their first public appearance as a couple.
  • July 2022: Reports confirm that Taylor-Joy and McRae got married.

A Private Life with Glimpses of Happiness:

While Taylor-Joy has chosen to keep most of her personal life private, the glimpses of her relationships offer a heartwarming look at her commitment to finding happiness and love. Despite the scrutiny and speculation surrounding her dating life, she has managed to maintain a sense of normalcy and privacy, which is commendable in the age of social media and constant media attention.

Looking Forward:

As Taylor-Joy continues to solidify her position as a Hollywood A-lister, fans can’t help but wonder what the future holds for her and McRae. Their relationship seems strong and supportive, and their shared passion for the arts could be the foundation for a lasting and fulfilling partnership. Whether they choose to share more details about their love story or keep it private, one thing is clear: Anya Taylor-Joy is a talented and captivating actress who deserves all the happiness in life and love.

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