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Revealed: Miley Cyrus Husband and Entire Relationship Timeline

 Miley Cyrus husband

 Miley Cyrus husband: Miley Cyrus is one of the most popular and successful entertainers in the world, but her personal life has been just as tumultuous as her career. The singer and actress has had a long and on-again, off-again relationship with Australian actor Liam Hemsworth, who she eventually married in 2018, only to divorce less than a year later.

 Miley Cyrus husband

Here is a complete timeline of Miley Cyrus’ relationship with her husband, Liam Hemsworth:


  • June: Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth meet on the set of the film “The Last Song.”
  • October: The couple is first spotted together publicly, and they quickly become one of Hollywood’s hottest young couples.


  • March: Cyrus and Hemsworth break up for the first time, reportedly due to their busy schedules.
  • September: Cyrus and Hemsworth are spotted back together, suggesting they have rekindled their romance.
  • November: The couple breaks up again.


  • April: Cyrus and Hemsworth are back on again.
  • December: Hemsworth accompanies Cyrus to the CNN Heroes Gala in Los Angeles.


  • June: Hemsworth proposes to Cyrus with a 3.5 carat diamond ring.
  • September: Cyrus and Hemsworth split up again.


  • January: Cyrus and Hemsworth are spotted back together, and they confirm that they are back on.
  • March: Cyrus and Hemsworth attend the Vanity Fair Oscar party together.


  • August: Cyrus and Hemsworth break up for the third time.


  • May: Cyrus and Hemsworth are spotted back together, and they confirm that they have rekindled their romance for the fourth time.
  • October: Cyrus and Hemsworth secretly get engaged.
  • December 26: Cyrus and Hemsworth get married in a private ceremony at their home in Tennessee.


  • August 10: Cyrus and Hemsworth announce their separation after less than a year of marriage.
  • August 21: Hemsworth files for divorce from Cyrus.
  • December 26: Cyrus and Hemsworth’s divorce is finalized.


  • February 22: Cyrus and Hemsworth are officially declared divorced.

Despite their tumultuous relationship, Cyrus and Hemsworth have always spoken fondly of each other. In a 2019 interview, Cyrus said that she still loves Hemsworth and that he is “one of the greatest people I’ve ever met.” Hemsworth has also said that he cares deeply for Cyrus and that he wishes her all the best.

Why did Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth get divorced?

The exact reason for Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth’s divorce is unknown, but there are a few possible explanations. One possibility is that the couple simply grew apart over time. Cyrus has undergone a major transformation since she first met Hemsworth in 2009, and it’s possible that their different lifestyles and values simply became too much to overcome.

Another possibility is that the couple was unable to reconcile their different career goals. Cyrus is a global superstar with a demanding career, while Hemsworth is a more laid-back actor who prefers to take on fewer projects. It’s possible that the couple struggled to find a balance between their two careers.

Whatever the reason for their divorce, it’s clear that Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth were once deeply in love. Their relationship was passionate and tumultuous, but it was also full of love and respect. We wish them both the best in their future endeavors.