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Anya Taylor-Joy: 11 Most controversial moments ever

Anya Taylor-Joy at the emmy awards

Anya Taylor-Joy: Anya Taylor-Joy, the enigmatic actress with piercing stares and captivating presence, has skyrocketed to fame in recent years. Her talent is undeniable, but her journey hasn’t been without its share of controversies. From bold fashion choices to outspoken opinions, here are 11 of her most talked-about moments:

1. The Sheer Dress at the 2021 Emmy Awards: Anya Taylor-Joy

Anya’s custom Dior gown, a sheer black creation with intricate embroidery, left little to the imagination. While some praised her confidence and daring fashion sense, others criticized the dress as too revealing and inappropriate for the occasion. The media buzzed for days, sparking debates about body autonomy and red carpet etiquette.

Anya Taylor-Joy at the emmy awards

2. The “Queen’s Gambit” Hair Drama:

When Anya debuted her auburn bob for her role in “The Queen’s Gambit,” fans of the original novel were incensed. The book described Beth Harmon with long, red hair, and some viewers felt Anya’s haircut was a betrayal of the character. However, Anya’s performance ultimately won over audiences, proving that talent transcends outward appearance.

3. Calling Out Ageism in Hollywood:

In a 2021 interview, Anya spoke candidly about the ageism faced by young actresses in Hollywood. She criticized the industry’s obsession with youth and the lack of roles for women over 30. Her outspokenness resonated with many actresses and sparked important conversations about age representation in film and television.

4. The “Last Night in Soho” Release Controversy: Anya Taylor-Joy 

The release of Anya’s film “Last Night in Soho” was overshadowed by allegations of abuse against co-star Shia LaBeouf. While Anya herself did not face any accusations, her association with the project sparked controversies and raised questions about accountability in the film industry.

Anya Taylor-Joy at the "Last Night in soho"

5. The “Emma.” Press Tour Wardrobe Debate:

Anya’s quirky and colorful outfits during the press tour for “Emma.” received mixed reactions. Some lauded her individuality and fashion sense, while others found her choices too unconventional and attention-seeking. Nevertheless, Anya remained unfazed by the criticisms, staying true to her unique style.

6. The “Interview Magazine” Cover Shoot:

Anya’s cover shoot for “Interview Magazine” sparked controversy for its suggestive and provocative nature. Some saw it as empowering and artistic, while others felt it exploited her youth and sexuality. The debate highlighted the complex relationship between female celebrities and the media.

7. The “Peaky Blinders” Casting Announcement: Anya Taylor-Joy

Anya’s casting as Gina Gray in “Peaky Blinders” received backlash from some fans who felt the character was too important to be recast. The change was also seen as a betrayal of the original actress, Polly Gray. However, Anya’s performance ultimately won over skeptics, proving her versatility as an actress.

8. The “New Mutants” Marketing Campaign:

The marketing campaign for Anya’s film “New Mutants” was criticized for being overly reliant on her sex appeal instead of highlighting the film’s plot or other cast members. This led to accusations of sexism and a shallow marketing strategy.

9. The “Vogue” Australia Interview:

Anya’s interview with “Vogue” Australia sparked debate when she discussed her views on feminism and gender roles. While some praised her for challenging societal norms, others criticized her opinions as outdated and harmful. The interview highlighted the complex and often conflicting perspectives within the feminist movement.

10. The “Saturday Night Live” Hosting Gig: Anya Taylor-Joy

Anya’s hosting debut on “Saturday Night Live” was met with mixed reviews. While some praised her comedic timing and versatility, others found her skits unfunny and her performance lacking energy. However, the experience proved Anya’s willingness to step outside her comfort zone and explore new opportunities.

Anya Taylor-Joy at the "Saturday Night"

11. The “The Northman” Scene:

Anya’s character’s rape scene in “The Northman” generated controversy for its graphic and disturbing nature. While many praised the film’s historical accuracy and portrayal of brutality, others found the scene exploitative and unnecessary. The debate highlighted the ongoing struggle to balance artistic expression with ethical considerations.

These are just a few of the many moments that have made Anya Taylor-Joy a controversial figure. However, it is her undeniable talent and willingness to push boundaries that have propelled her to stardom. Regardless of one’s opinion on her choices, there is no denying that Anya is a captivating and thought-provoking actress who continues to shape the landscape of Hollywood.