Being a billionaire is fun. You have got access to the best vehicles in the world, the best babes, lucrative medical cover and you can literally buy anything that your heart desires. Money is the surest way to freedom. Billionaires are ferried by some of the finest state of art vehicles to ever grace this world. Expensive cars are of many types and makes, but who drives the most expensive vehicle in the world?

The Sultan of Brunei car collection:

By far, the Sultan of Brunei has the most expensive car collection in the world. His car collection is currently worth $5Billion. He has invested billions in the car collection. He is currently worth over $30 billion and owns over 7,000 cars. Most of his cars are custom made, thus very expensive.

Rodger Dudding car collection:

Currently, his car collection  is estimated at $50 million. His net worth is currently $180 million. His car collection includes 350 fine cars with most of them  being custom made. He is a British business magnate.

Jay Z and Beyonce’s Rolls Royce Boat Tail:

The machine is estimated to be worth a whooping $28.4 million and was estimated to be the most expensive vehicle in the year 2021.


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