Evelyn Burdecki is one of the most celebrated reality stars and celebrity not only in Germany but the entire world at large. Through the years, her wealth and beauty has grown, making her to be admired by men and women of all ages. She is notably very beautiful and her taste of fashion is just a head turner. That aside, every human  being deserves to be loved at one point or the other in their lives. I shall be sharing with you my findings of if Evelyn has found the love of her life or not.

Full name:

Evelyn Burdecki

How old is Evelyn Burdecki/ Year of birth:

Age is very fundamental as far as relationships are concerned. The beautiful lady just clocked 32 years of age as she was born on 20th of September in the year 1989.

Evelyn Burdecki Net Worth:

It is estimated that she is worth a figure in between $100,000 and $1 M.

About Evelyn Burdecki’s Boyfriend:

As of the year 2022, we can safely establish that Evelyn is not dating anyone. She is currently single and probably looking forward to establishing her career strongly and focusing on other important aspects of her life.

Evelyn Burdecki’s previous Boyfriends:

In the past, we have safely established that she had at least 1 relationship that failed at one point. However, it is not clear as to whom she was dating as there are very many rumours currently circulating.



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