George Wajackoyah has already written his name in bold in the books of history as one of the most learned politicians in the Kenyan arena. He is a presidential candidate for the August polls scheduled for 9th of August this month. The roots party presidential candidate is famous for his unorthodox manifesto that seeks to legalize the planting and export of Bhang in Kenya for medicinal and other purposes.

The professor has also gained popularity after proposing a death sentence for those convicted of corruption. Among  his other famous manifesto includes snake farming for export to China among many others.

Away from the public limelight, Mpyanews has established that Professor George Wajackoyah is a loving husband, a father of three as well as a grandfather.

Where does Wajackoyah’s family live In:

Based on the facts that Wajackoyah is a licensed lawyer in England and the United States of America, quite a good number of his businesses are spread out country.

Wajackoyah’s wife:

Wajackoyah is among the lucky few men that have married American wifes. He confessed that his wife is an American and that he is in the process of getting his wife and children a Kenyan citizenship.

When did wajackoyah and the wife wed?

The two lovebirds tied the knots of marriage in 2020. Wajackoyah is pictured wearing a black tuxedo and the wife in a lovely golden wedding dress that looked fancy on her.

Wajackoyah’s Children:

As said earlier, Wajackoyah is a father of three children as well as a grandfather. His lastborn daughter recently joined the University of Cambridge where she is pursing medicine in a bid to become a brain surgeon.

Wajackoyah’s Tribe:

Wajackoyah is a Luhya by tribe, one of the largest tribes in Kenya that is mainly found on the western parts of the country.

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