Loosing a loved one is very painful. As a society that strongly believes in  life after death, the dead must be given a decent send off in a bid to appease their spirits and ensure that the dead are happy. However, the case is a little bit different with a Kakamega family that spent thousands of shillings but ended up burying the wrong body leading to a double loss. How did this exactly happen?

Emannuel Shamwata died on July 23rd after a long illness and his body was taken to Kakamega mortuary. In a coincidence, on the same same day, another Emmannuel Shiyonga had died and his body had been taken to the same morgue. Those sent to pick the body from the morgue were afraid of looking at the remains of the dead hence did not check if it was exactly him.

Much to the amusement of the villagers of Elwai, Navakholo consitutency in Kakamega county, they have been forced to exhume the body that was buried two days ago. They thought it was the body of their relative. Such incidences occur but this one might have been one of the worst coincidences in the world.