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Home » Opinion: 4 Kenyan Celebrities and their Look-alikes

Opinion: 4 Kenyan Celebrities and their Look-alikes

Out of the seven billion people on earth, there is a high probability that you resemble at least 3 people on earth. In Kenya, we have witnessed several people resembling each other, yet they are not related by blood or marriage. Just months ago, a man went viral for resembling the sitting president Uhuru Kenyatta. Other Kenyan Celebrities have heard their look-alikes too. In this exclusive article, allow me to share with you some of the celebrities and the people who resemble them. Take a look.

1.Governor Ann Waiguru and Ann Mvurya:

Ann Mvurya is one of the few ladies to have served as president of the prestigious University of Nairobi. When she first came to the public limelight, many thought that she was the daughter of the current governor, of Kirinyaga county. The two are look-alikes as depicted in the photo below.

2. First Lady Margaret Kenyatta and Grace Mkabili:

Grace hails from Voi while Margaret is the wife of the fourth president of the republic of Kenya. The two share a similar height as well as skin complexion.

3. Bien of Sauti sol and JB Smoove of USA

Bien is a renowned singer with the Sauti Sol band while Smoove is a comedian in the United States. The two wear glasses and share the same complexion.

4.Gordon Owino and Proff George Wajackoyah:

The two have formed a formidable union and their resemblance is almost inseparable. They are indeed look-alikes and very few distinct characters can differentiate them. George is a presidential aspirant in Kenya.