Wealth, money and power seem to be the three things that are running the show in most of the African countries. When you fully gain control of the three, you are assured of a fancy life that has less drama and more happiness. Such is the case with the Governor of Nakuru County, HE. Susan Kihika who seems to have it all. Here, we shall discuss details of the hunky man who happens to be her husband. Take a look:

Susan Kihika’s husband:

Sam Mburu is the lucky man who is dating the current boss of Nakuru County. He is a handsome and hardworking Man who recently married the vocal politician and UDA affiliated Susan Kihika.

Where did Susan Kihika and Sam Mburu Meet?

The two love birds met in the year 2013 during the general elections. It was the time when Susan Kihika was jetting back into the country after spending nearly 20 years in the United States of America.

Which Businesses does Sam Mburu Engage In?

Sam Mburu is a young and vibefull businessman who is mainly located in Nakuru. He begun his multi-billion vast empire as a soft drink distributor in Solai, Nakuru county.

Businesses and Properties owned by Susan Kihika’s husband;

1.Landmark freight services in Mombasa and China.

2.Rental houses and over 62 flats in Kitengela town.

3.Over 43 flats and rentals in Embakasi.

4.Numerous rentals in Nakuru.

Sam Mburu’s ex-wife:

Over the recent past, Sam has been attending court proceedings in a case where his former wife accused him of neglecting her. In the ruling, the court declared that she should be paid a monthly upkeep of nearly Kshs 560,000. The two are divorced.


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