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Who is Ng’olo Kante’s wife/ girlfriend? 2024

Ng’olo Kante is no doubt one of the most established midfielders in the entire English Premier League. From a humble beginning, Ngolo Kante has risen the ladder of glory and even won the prestigious World Cup with France in the year 2018. Ng’olo became famous for his defensive skills during his time at Leicester City. He later made a move to Chelsea, and it is said that behind every successful man, there is a lady. Here is the lady behind Ngolo Kante.

Full name: Ng’olo Kante’s wife

Jude Littler became famous for being the wife of Ngolo Kante. Not known to many, Jude is many years older than Ng’olo Kante, but the two have put their differences aside to be one of the best couples in England.

Who was Jude Littler married to earlier?

Early in the past few years, Jude was married to Djubril Cisse.

Where did Ngolo Kante and Jude Littler meet?

Ng’olo Kante is one of the most secretive football players ever, and so is his wife. It is not yet clear as to where the power couple met, but our team on the ground is working on that to establish finer details.

Age of Ng’olo Kante’s wife:

She was born on November 30th, 1975, making her age close to 47. This means that Jude is 16 years older than the husband.

Where was she born: Ng’olo Kante’s wife

She was born in a town known as Anglesey, in the United Kingdom.

What jobs does she involve herself in:

She is a rich woman who trades in various businesses, including owning a hairdresser’s place.