24 July 2022 will remain a very sad day for a majority of Kenyans who lost their loved ones in a grisly road accident along the Meru-Embu road that claimed the lives of  nearly 35 citizens. The main cause of the accident is yet to be determined though many are now arguing out that the bus might have suffered a failure in its brake system.

However, a video has emerged of the same bus moments before plunging into the river at the Nithi black spot. The Mombasa bond bus is said to leave Maura, Meru at around 5 pm headed for Mombasa county when it experienced a failure in its brake system around Marima market at the start of the Nithi black spot. However, the video shows the bus speeding in the wrong direction down to the river at the bottom of the black spot. Here is the video.

The government has since moved to suspend the operating licenses of Modern coast bus company. It is not the first time that the bus company is being suspended. It has been suspended on several occasions owing to multiple accidents and gloss misconduct.

Similarly, the same killer bus has been involved in a number of accidents, one in Malindi and the other around an undisclosed Kenyan route. The question is, was the bus roadworthy and ready for such a long distance?


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