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Meredith Vieira net worth and her 7 major income sources

Meredith Vieira in white

Meredith Vieira: Meredith Vieira is a well-known American broadcast journalist, television personality, and author. She has had a long and successful career in the media industry, and her net worth reflects her hard work and dedication. As of December 2023, Meredith Vieira’s net worth is estimated to be around $45 million.

Meredith Vieira in white

Vieira’s net worth has been accumulated through a variety of sources, including:

1. Television Salary:

Vieira has earned a significant amount of money from her various television roles. She was the co-host of the Today Show from 1995 to 2006, and she also hosted Who Wants to Be a Millionaire from 1999 to 2002. She has also hosted other shows such as The Meredith Vieira Show, Celebrity Apprentice, and Dateline NBC.

2. Book Deals:

Vieira is a successful author, and she has written several books that have become bestsellers. Her books include “Read Me Forward: A Book of Reflections, Inspiration, and Hope,” “The View from Here: My Life in Television,” and “Letters from Home: On Love, Loss, and the Stuff That Matters Most.”

Meredith Vieira in black

3. Endorsements:

Vieira has also earned money from endorsements. She has been a spokesperson for various products, such as Crest toothpaste and Tide laundry detergent.

4. Speaking Engagements:

Vieira is a popular speaker and is often invited to give speeches at corporate events and conferences. She is paid a fee for her speaking engagements.

5. Real Estate:

Vieira owns several properties, including a home in New York City and a vacation home in Martha’s Vineyard.

6. Investments:

Vieira is also a savvy investor and has invested in various stocks and bonds.

7. Philanthropy:

Vieira is a generous philanthropist and has donated to many charities. She is a board member of the Hole in the Wall Gang Camp and the Robin Hood Foundation.

Meredith Vieira in a green

In addition to her net worth, Vieira has also won several awards for her work in television. These awards include:

  • 11 Daytime Emmy Awards
  • 3 Peabody Awards
  • 2 Alfred I. duPont Awards
  • 1 Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award

Vieira is a role model for many women, and she is an inspiration to those who want to pursue a career in the media industry. She is a talented and hardworking journalist, and she has earned her success through her dedication and perseverance.




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