Miss Cleo: Miss Cleo, the flamboyant psychic with the booming voice and the thick Jamaican accent, was a fixture in late-night infomercials throughout the 1990s. Her flamboyant persona and promises of guidance captivated millions, but her empire came crashing down amidst accusations of deceptive advertising. So, how much did Miss Cleo actually earn during her heyday, and what is her net worth today?

The Height of the Psychic Hotline

At the peak of her fame, Miss Cleo was the face of Psychic Readers Network, a psychic hotline that raked in millions of dollars. The network’s infomercials, featuring Miss Cleo’s dramatic pronouncements and pronouncements of “a change gonna come,” were impossible to miss. She quickly became a pop culture icon, parodied on shows like “Saturday Night Live” and even inspiring a video game.

Estimates of the Psychic Readers Network’s revenue vary, but some reports suggest it brought in as much as $1 billion at its peak. However, Miss Cleo’s share of that wealth was significantly smaller. She has claimed that she was paid only $24 cents per minute for her appearances on the hotline, which would amount to roughly $15 an hour.

Miss Cleo: TV Shows

The Fall from Grace

In 2002, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) filed a lawsuit against Psychic Readers Network, accusing the company of deceptive advertising and unfair billing practices. The FTC alleged that the network’s “free” readings were actually expensive and that callers were often misled into staying on the line for longer than they intended.

The lawsuit ultimately led to the downfall of Psychic Readers Network and Miss Cleo’s infomercial empire. She settled with the FTC for $5 million, but her career as a psychic was effectively over.

Life After the Hotline

In the years since the Psychic Readers Network scandal, Miss Cleo, whose real name is Youree Dell Harris, has largely faded from the public eye. She has continued to work as a psychic and motivational speaker but on a much smaller scale. She has also written several books and appeared in a few documentaries about her life and career.

In recent years, Harris has also become an advocate for consumer protection and against psychic fraud. She has spoken out about the dangers of deceptive advertising and the importance of consumer education.

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Miss Cleo’s Net Worth in 2024

Harris’s exact net worth is unknown, but it is estimated to be in the range of $1 million to $5 million. This is a far cry from the millions she was reportedly earning at the height of her fame, but it is a comfortable living.

Major Income Sources

Today, Harris’s income comes from a variety of sources, including:

A Complex Legacy

Miss Cleo’s legacy is complex. She was a pop culture icon who brought joy and entertainment to millions of people. But she was also the face of a deceptive industry that preyed on vulnerable people.

Today, Harris is using her platform to speak out against psychic fraud and to educate consumers about their rights. In doing so, she is helping to ensure that no one else gets taken advantage of the way she was.

Miss Cleo’s story is a cautionary tale about the dangers of deceptive advertising and the importance of consumer protection. But it is also a story of resilience and redemption. Harris has overcome the challenges of her past and is now using her voice to help others.