With the passing of the queen of England, Twitter is currently having a heated debate around the Monarchy system in the United Kingdom and other states that the late queen ruled. The end of a Monarchial system has been the song of the day, with many netizens insisting that the Monarchy system must come to an end in the United Kingdom.

In their argument, a majority of the respondents argue out that they are tired of the monarchial system. One user by the name of Tom Whee uploaded a post in which the Queen’s statue in Kent, England had been painted ”parasite”. Additionally, many have also expressed their thoughts about colonialism in African countries and the place of the queen in the African invasion.

Is it the end of the British Monarchy?

Different people across the world are chanting that the end of the Monarch system might have come. However, they might be wrong as the new King of England, Charles III, is expected to be crowned King at any moment. His mother the late Queen Elizabeth has spent the last 72 years teaching Prince Charles the ways of a leader. Will Charles III continue to spearhead the British Monarchy?


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