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5 Deadly Diseases that Can be Transmitted by Kissing

Kissing is a form of expressing love to your friends, family and loved one. Many love kissing while a few are afraid of doing so, claiming that it could have some adverse effects on their health. However, this article is going to clear the way on the state of kissing and the deadly diseases that can be spread from one person to another during the kissing process. Take a look:

Diseases spread by Kissing:


Herpes can be spread through kissing. There are two subtypes of kissing that include HSV-1  and HSV-2.  Both of the variances can cause a lifelong infection in your precious body. Herpes causes sores, pain and blisters in the body including ulcers and many other adverse effects that will weaken your body.


Research shows that syphilis can be spread by a direct contact with a syphilis sore. These sores can be found even in the mouth of a patient, hence spreadable while kissing. Its signs and symptoms include fever, headaches, sore throat, fatigue and muscle aches.


Human papillomavirus could be very dangerous on the body as it can cause cancer in the later stages. HPV can be spread through kissing. Its symptoms include swollen lymph nodes, weight loss and hoarseness.


Corona is one of the dangerous diseases that have currently engulfed the world. Its cure is yet to be found though there is already a vaccine that can help to cub down the effects of the disease.


Polio has been a killer even to small children.


Ebola has had adverse effects especially on the western part of Africa where it has claimed the lifes of many Africans.


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