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13 Underrated Patrick Swayze Movies You Shouldn’t Miss

Patrick Swayze Next of kin

Patrick Swayze Movies: When you think of Patrick Swayze, iconic roles in movies like “Dirty Dancing” and “Ghost” may immediately come to mind. However, this talented actor had a diverse filmography that extended beyond his most famous roles. In this article, we’ll explore 13 underrated Patrick Swayze movies that showcase his versatility as an actor and offer viewers an opportunity to appreciate his lesser-known works.

1.”Next of Kin” (1989): Patrick Swayze Movies

“Next of Kin” is a crime drama that features Swayze as a Chicago cop who seeks revenge on the mobsters responsible for his brother’s murder. The film’s gritty atmosphere and Swayze’s intense performance make it a hidden gem.

Patrick Swayze Next of kin

2.”Red Dawn” (1984)

In this classic ’80s action film, Swayze plays a high school student turned guerilla fighter in the midst of a Soviet and Cuban invasion. “Red Dawn” is a thrilling and thought-provoking look at the fear of foreign invasion during the Cold War era.

3.”Uncommon Valor” (1983)

Swayze joins a team of Vietnam War veterans in a daring rescue mission in this action-packed film. “Uncommon Valor” may not be as famous as some of his other roles, but it showcases his ability to handle intense and physically demanding roles.

4.”Road House” (1989): Patrick Swayze Movies

“Road House” is a cult classic that sees Swayze as a bouncer hired to clean up a rowdy bar in a small town. It’s over-the-top action and one-liners make it a guilty pleasure for many fans of ’80s cinema.

Patrick Swayze Road House

5.”Tiger Warsaw” (1988)

In this lesser-known drama, Swayze plays a man who returns home after a long absence to confront his troubled past. “Tiger Warsaw” highlights Swayze’s ability to tackle complex, emotionally charged roles.

6.”Father Hood” (1993)

This family comedy-drama features Swayze as a down-on-his-luck father who takes his kids on the run. “Father Hood” showcases Swayze’s comedic chops and his ability to bring depth to his characters.

7.”Waking Up in Reno” (2002): Patrick Swayze Movies

In this quirky road trip comedy, Swayze stars alongside Charlize Theron, Billy Bob Thornton, and Natasha Richardson. The film offers a mix of humor and heart, and Swayze’s performance adds to its charm.

Patrick Swayze waking up in Reno

8.”Three Wishes” (1995)

“Three Wishes” is a heartwarming drama in which Swayze plays a drifter who has a profound impact on a small town. The film’s themes of hope and redemption make it a touching, though underrated, gem.

9.”City of Joy” (1992)

Swayze takes on a serious and socially conscious role in “City of Joy” as a doctor who becomes involved in the lives of residents in a poverty-stricken area of Calcutta, India. The film explores themes of poverty, healing, and human connection.

10.”Green Dragon” (2001): Patrick Swayze Movies

In this powerful drama set in the aftermath of the Vietnam War, Swayze plays a soldier helping refugees at a U.S. relocation camp. “Green Dragon” is a thought-provoking exploration of the refugee experience and the impact of war.

11.”Grandview, U.S.A.” (1984)

“Grandview, U.S.A.” is a coming-of-age drama that features Swayze as a mechanic and drag racer. Though it didn’t receive much attention upon its release, it’s worth watching for its portrayal of small-town life.

12.”Forever Lulu” (2000)

This romantic drama sees Swayze as the lead in a love story involving an eccentric writer played by Melanie Griffith. “Forever Lulu” is a quirky and engaging exploration of relationships and personal growth.

13.”One Last Dance” (2003): Patrick Swayze Movies

In one of his final films, Swayze plays a reclusive dance teacher who helps a group of young dancers find their passion and purpose. “One Last Dance” is a fitting tribute to Swayze’s dancing talent and his enduring charm.

Patrick Swayze’s filmography extends far beyond his most famous roles. These 13 underrated movies demonstrate his ability to tackle a wide range of genres and characters, from action heroes to dramatic leads. If you’re a Swayze fan or just someone looking for hidden cinematic gems, these films are definitely worth a watch.