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Who is Dating Harry Holland? Fulll Relationship Timeline


Harry Holland: Harry Holland, the talented actor and rising star, has captured the hearts of fans around the world with his charming personality and impressive performances on screen. While his professional life is well-documented, there’s a curious interest in his personal life, especially when it comes to matters of the heart. In this blog, we’ll embark on a journey to unravel the mystery of Harry Holland’s dating history and explore the various relationships that have shaped his romantic journey.


Early Days and Privacy:

Born on February 14, 1999, in Kingston upon Thames, London, Harry Holland comes from a family deeply involved in the entertainment industry. As the younger brother of actors Tom Holland and Sam Holland, he entered the spotlight at a young age. Despite growing up in the public eye, Harry has managed to keep much of his personal life private, making it all the more intriguing for fans eager to learn about his romantic endeavors.

First Public Relationship:

Harry Holland’s first publicly known relationship was with fellow actress Kelsey Hardwick. The two began dating in 2017, and their adorable pictures together quickly became fan favorites on social media. Kelsey, known for her work in the entertainment industry, seemed to share a deep connection with Harry, making them one of the beloved young couples in Hollywood.

The Romance Unfolds:

Fans were treated to glimpses of the couple’s romance through their Instagram posts, where they shared sweet moments and expressed their affection for each other. Whether it was attending events together or simply enjoying downtime, Harry and Kelsey’s relationship appeared to be thriving.


However, as is often the case with young love in the public eye, the couple faced its share of challenges. In 2018, rumors circulated about a possible breakup between Harry and Kelsey. The two remained tight-lipped about their relationship status, leaving fans in suspense.

Breakup and Moving Forward:

By mid-2019, it became apparent that Harry Holland and Kelsey Hardwick had indeed parted ways. The reasons behind their breakup remained private, and both parties chose not to disclose details about the end of their relationship. This chapter marked a period of transition for Harry as he navigated the challenges of love and heartbreak in the public eye.


Current Relationship Status:

In the years following his split from Kelsey, Harry Holland has kept his romantic life relatively low-key. Fans have eagerly awaited news of his next relationship, but the actor has chosen to maintain a level of privacy, allowing him to focus on his career and personal growth.



Harry Holland’s journey through love and relationships has been a rollercoaster, marked by moments of joy and heartbreak. While his early relationship with Kelsey Hardwick captured the attention of fans, the actor has since chosen to keep the details of his personal life under wraps. As Harry continues to make waves in the entertainment industry, fans can only speculate about what the future holds for his romantic endeavors. One thing is for certain – whether in love or on screen, Harry Holland is sure to captivate audiences with his undeniable charm and talent.