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Lebron James hobby: 7 Other Things he Does Apart from Playing Basketball

LeBron James: Family man

LeBron James: LeBron James is a titan in the world of basketball. His achievements on the court are undeniable, with four NBA championships, four MVP awards, and countless other accolades to his name. But even the King needs a break from the hardwood sometimes. So, what does LeBron James do when he’s not dominating the game? Here are 7 surprising ways he spends his time:

1. Family Man: LeBron James

At the heart of LeBron’s world lies his family. He’s a devoted husband to Savannah James and a proud father to three children. Whether it’s attending their sporting events, cheering them on from the sidelines, or simply enjoying family dinners, LeBron cherishes his time with loved ones. He even credits his family as his biggest inspiration and source of strength.

LeBron James: Family man

2. Business Mogul:

LeBron is not just a basketball player; he’s a savvy businessman. He has numerous investments across various industries, including fitness centers, production companies, and even Blaze Pizza franchises. His production company, SpringHill Entertainment, has produced hit shows like “Space Jam: A New Legacy” and “The Shop,” showcasing his diverse interests and entrepreneurial spirit.

3. Tech Investor: LeBron James

LeBron has a keen eye for innovation and has invested in several tech startups, including Calm, the meditation app, and Robinhood, the trading platform. This demonstrates his forward-thinking approach and belief in the power of technology to shape the future.

LeBron James looks good

4. Philanthropist:

Giving back is deeply ingrained in LeBron’s values. He established the LeBron James Family Foundation, which aims to empower underserved communities through education and youth development initiatives. The foundation has opened schools, provided scholarships, and created programs that nurture the next generation.

5. Media Maven: LeBron James

LeBron has embraced the media world, launching his own talk show, “The Shop,” where he delves into social issues, sports, and current events alongside other NBA stars. He also has a production deal with HBO and has appeared in several films, showcasing his charisma and willingness to step outside his athletic comfort zone.

6. Gamer at Heart:

When he needs to unwind, LeBron often turns to video games. He’s a vocal advocate for the esports industry and even co-founded his own esports team, Evil Geniuses. Whether it’s dominating on the virtual court or exploring new titles, gaming provides LeBron with a fun and competitive escape.

LeBron James looks nice

7. Activist for Change: LeBron James

LeBron has become a powerful voice for social justice, using his platform to advocate for equality and speak out against injustices. He has participated in protests, supported various causes, and encouraged others to use their voices to create positive change.

These are just a few glimpses into the multifaceted life of LeBron James. From nurturing his family to investing in tech, from giving back to the community to challenging societal norms, LeBron proves that his impact extends far beyond the basketball court. He is a true inspiration, demonstrating that success can be achieved on and off the field, with passion, dedication, and a commitment to making a difference.