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How Rich is Suraj Nambiar? Net Worth 2024

Suraj Nambiar

Suraj Nambiar: Welcome to my blog today guys, Today we are going to talk about Suraj Nambiar. He is an Indian businessman and investment banker based in Dubai. Can say that he is a rich man since he is a businessman and an Investment banker. He was born to Jain parents in Bengaluru, Karnataka. I can say that Suraj’s Net worth in 2024 is INR 50 Crores ($7 million). His multiple businesses contribute to his net worth.

Suraj Nambiar

I can tell that Suraj has many businesses in Mumbai. He gets a yearly income of INR 7 Crores approximately and his monthly Income and salary is INR 80 Lakhs approximately. I came to know that Suraj is currently serving as the Director Head of the capital Markets in UAE.  He can cater to his wife Mouni Roy.

Suraj Nambiar looks good

I know that Suraj likes traveling and He has shared some of his photos when he is traveling. He also loves pets and he has a pet dog. He also loves riding motorbikes and he has posted on social media posing with his Motorbike. In his free time, he likes playing sports and his favorite sport is football and he is a trained basketball player.

Suraj Nambiar and his wife