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David Beckham’s Rides! 7 Most Classic Cars in His Collection!

David Beckham: Rolls-Royce Corniche III

David Beckham: David Beckham, the name itself conjures images of pinpoint passes, bending free kicks, and undeniable fashion sense. But beyond the footballing legend and style icon lies another passion: a love for classic cars. Beckham’s garage is a haven for rare and powerful machines, each with its own story to tell. Let’s delve into 7 of the most iconic cars that grace his collection:

1. 1999 Rolls-Royce Corniche III:

This quintessential symbol of luxury marked Beckham’s early success. Gifted to him by Manchester United after winning the treble in 1999, the Corniche III exudes timeless elegance with its polished wood interior and powerful V8 engine. It’s a reminder of his meteoric rise in the footballing world.

David Beckham: Rolls-Royce Corniche III

2. 1967 Bentley Continental S3:

This sleek and powerful grand tourer is a true head-turner. Beckham’s customized S3 boasts a bespoke paint job and upgraded interior, reflecting his penchant for personalization. The car’s effortless performance and roaring V8 engine are perfect for cruising the Californian coast.

3. 1958 Aston Martin DB5:

Few cars evoke cinematic cool like the iconic DB5. James Bond’s preferred ride holds a special place in Beckham’s collection. This particular DB5 is believed to be an original “Goldfinger” spec, making it an incredibly valuable and sought-after collector’s item.

4. 1998 Ferrari 355 Spider:

This open-top Italian stallion is a symbol of speed and exhilaration. The 355 Spider’s mid-mounted V8 engine delivers a thrilling driving experience, and its convertible top allows Beckham to soak up the sunshine. It’s the perfect car for a Sunday drive along the Pacific Coast Highway.

David Beckham: Ferrari 355 Spider

5. 2009 Land Rover Defender:

This rugged off-roader offers a stark contrast to Beckham’s other luxury cars. The Defender’s utilitarian design and go-anywhere capabilities make it perfect for adventurous outings with his family. It’s a testament to his appreciation for practicality and exploration.

6. 1982 Range Rover Classic:

This British icon is another testament to Beckham’s love for Land Rovers. The Range Rover Classic combines off-road prowess with a touch of luxury, making it a versatile addition to his collection. It’s likely a car he enjoys using for weekend getaways or countryside drives.

David Beckham: Range Rover Classic

7. 1964 Volkswagen Type 181 “Thing”:

This quirky and fun-loving car is a surprising addition to Beckham’s collection. The Thing’s open-air design and off-road capabilities make it perfect for enjoying the outdoors with a touch of retro charm. It’s a car that speaks to Beckham’s playful personality and love for unique experiences.

Beyond the individual models, Beckham’s car collection reflects his diverse tastes and personality. He seamlessly blends classic luxury with modern performance, practicality with extravagance, and iconic movie cars with everyday drivers. Each car tells a story, showcasing his journey from footballing star to global icon and his appreciation for timeless design and powerful machines.

Bonus: Customized Beauties:

It’s important to mention that Beckham is known for his love of customization. He’s collaborated with renowned tuners and designers to personalize several of his cars, adding unique touches that reflect his individual style. This further emphasizes his passion for cars and his desire to make them his own.