Arthur Morgan: Arthur Morgan, the rugged and charismatic outlaw at the center of Rockstar Games’ critically acclaimed “Red Dead Redemption 2,” has captured the hearts of gamers around the world. His complex character, intense story arc, and captivating personality have left a lasting impression on fans of the game. In this article, we will delve into 13 untold facts about Arthur Morgan, shedding light on some of the lesser-known aspects of this iconic character. From his background to his moral compass, we’ll explore what makes Arthur Morgan one of the most memorable video game protagonists in recent years.

  1. Dutch’s Right-Hand Man:

Arthur Morgan is Dutch van der Linde’s most trusted lieutenant in the Van der Linde gang. As the game’s protagonist, Arthur often finds himself torn between loyalty to Dutch and his own evolving moral compass, a central theme of “Red Dead Redemption 2.”

  1. A Troubled Past:

Although many details of his early life remain undisclosed, it’s clear that Arthur grew up in harsh circumstances, ultimately leading him to a life of outlawry under Dutch’s guidance.

  1. A Man of Principle:

Despite his criminal activities, Arthur has a strong code of honor. He believes in looking out for those he cares about, which becomes evident in his protective nature towards the gang members and the camp.

Arthur Morgan

  1. Avid Journal Keeper:

Throughout the game, Arthur maintains a journal where he documents his thoughts, experiences, and sketches of the people and places he encounters. This journal offers players a deeper look into his psyche and provides insight into his evolving perspective.

  1. Complex Character Development:

“Red Dead Redemption 2” is renowned for its character development, and Arthur’s transformation throughout the game is one of its most compelling aspects. Players witness his journey from a loyal enforcer to someone grappling with his own conscience.

  1. Artistic Talent:

Arthur has a surprising artistic side. His journal is filled with detailed sketches and insightful musings, showcasing his talent beyond being just an outlaw.

  1. Loyal Companion:

Arthur’s trusty steed, a Shire horse named “Boadicea,” is more than just a mode of transportation. She symbolizes his unwavering loyalty to Dutch and the gang.

  1. A Voice Like No Other:

Roger Clark, the actor who provided the voice for Arthur Morgan, delivered an exceptional performance. His nuanced portrayal helped breathe life into this complex character, earning him numerous accolades and fans’ admiration.

THE Arthur Morgan

  1. A Stranger to Marston:

“Red Dead Redemption 2” is a prequel to the original game, and in it, players get a chance to meet a young John Marston. Arthur’s interactions with John offer a unique perspective on their relationship, shedding light on the dynamics that will later play out in “Red Dead Redemption.”

  1. A Man of Many Talents:

Arthur is not just a skilled gunslinger. He excels in hunting, fishing, and other survival skills that contribute to the gang’s well-being. Players can also explore these aspects of his character in the game.

  1. Noble Acts:

Throughout the game, Arthur has the opportunity to perform acts of kindness and heroism, highlighting the tension between his criminal lifestyle and his underlying sense of morality.

  1. The Dying Cowboy:

As Arthur’s story unfolds, players are forced to confront his terminal illness. This adds an additional layer of poignancy to his character as he grapples with his mortality.

FOR Arthur Morgan

  1. A Legacy of Redemption:

Arthur Morgan’s character arc is a poignant tale of redemption. His final moments and the choices players make for him encapsulate the overarching theme of the game: the pursuit of redemption and the consequences of one’s actions.


Arthur Morgan is more than just a video game character; he’s a deeply human and multifaceted figure who leaves a lasting impact on players. His journey from loyal outlaw to a man striving for redemption is a central pillar of “Red Dead Redemption 2.” These untold facts about Arthur Morgan provide a richer understanding of the character, making his story all the more compelling and memorable in the realm of video game storytelling.