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11 of the Most Controversial Moments by Larry David

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Larry David: Larry David, the neurotic social savant and creator of “Seinfeld” and “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” has spent decades making audiences both laugh and squirm with his unapologetically awkward portrayal of himself. He’s navigated social minefields, offended countless people, and delivered some of the most uncomfortable yet hilarious moments in television history. Here are 11 of Larry David’s most iconic and controversial escapades:

1. The Fatwa (Season 4, Episode 1)

This season opener thrust Larry into the center of an international incident after accidentally using the racial slur “n-word” while ordering coffee. The episode hilariously explores the absurd lengths Larry goes to avoid responsibility, even faking a conversion to Islam and dodging a fatwa. While some found the humor offensive, it sparked important conversations about racial language and cultural sensitivity.

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2. The Palestinian Chicken (Season 3, Episode 7)

In this infamous episode, Larry refuses to tip a Palestinian waiter, sparking a heated debate on political correctness and the line between prejudice and personal preference. While the episode generated criticism for its portrayal of Israeli-Palestinian tensions, it also highlighted the complexities of navigating sensitive topics through humor.

3. The Funkhouser Feud (Season 7, Episode 9)

Larry’s ongoing rivalry with Leon Black’s character, Marty Funkhouser, often centers around offensive jokes and social blunders. One particular instance sees Larry using a racial slur towards Funkhouser, leading to a hilarious and uncomfortable confrontation. While some view their dynamic as problematic, others appreciate its exploration of the boundaries of humor and aging masculinity.

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4. The Golf Cart Caper (Season 6, Episode 7)

In a moment of pure Larry David-ness, he steals a disabled man’s golf cart to avoid walking up a hill. This seemingly trivial act spirals into a chaotic sequence of events, leaving viewers both appalled and tickled by his complete lack of social awareness.

5. The Book Signing Debacle (Season 8, Episode 1)

While attending a book signing, Larry gets into a heated argument with a woman accusing his friend Richard Lewis of stealing jokes. As things escalate, he blurts out “Heil Hitler!” in frustration, sending the scene into pandemonium. While undeniably controversial, the moment serves as a scathing critique of cancel culture and mob mentality.

6. The Black Swan Dinner (Season 5, Episode 9)

This infamous episode features Larry inadvertently causing a blackout during a fancy dinner by using a cell phone signal-blocking device. The chaos that ensues highlights Larry’s social ineptitude and his tendency to create havoc without meaning to.

Larry David looks good

7. The Palestinian Restaurant (Season 6, Episode 2)

In this highly debated episode, Larry refuses to enter a Palestinian restaurant out of fear of being poisoned, fueling accusations of Islamophobia. While the humor relies on stereotypes, it also sparks vital discussions about prejudice and its underlying biases.

8. The Mother’s Day Meltdown (Season 3, Episode 12)

Larry’s social anxieties explode on Mother’s Day when he accidentally causes his best friend’s mother to fall and break her hip. The episode explores themes of guilt, responsibility, and the lengths we go to avoid facing consequences.

9. The Palestinian Cheerleader (Season 7, Episode 1)

Another instance where Larry navigates the complexities of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, this episode sees him inadvertently offending a Palestinian cheerleader’s father by offering her unsolicited advice. While the humor might miss the mark for some, it underscores the difficulties of engaging in sensitive topics without causing offense.

10. The Suitcase Incident (Season 4, Episode 9)

Larry’s obsession with finding his lost suitcase leads him to accuse a black woman of stealing it, a scene that sparked backlash for its portrayal of racial profiling. While the episode undeniably pushes boundaries, it also opens dialogues about implicit bias and the dangers of jumping to conclusions.

11. The Dinner Party Disaster (Season 1, Episode 1)

In the very first episode, Larry manages to offend everyone at a dinner party by making inappropriate jokes, picking his nose, and generally exhibiting his signature social awkwardness. This sets the tone for the entire series, introducing audiences to Larry David’s brand of cringe-worthy yet hilarious humor.