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Find my phone? 30 Websites that will help you recover your lost device

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Find my phone: Losing your phone can be a stressful experience, but thanks to technology, you have various online tools and websites at your disposal to help locate and recover your missing device. In this article, we’ll explore 30 websites that can assist you in finding your lost phone, ensuring you have a higher chance of retrieving your precious device.

1. Find My iPhone (Apple): Find my phone

This built-in feature is a lifesaver if you own an iPhone. Log in to your Apple ID to track your device’s location.

Find my phone

2. Find My Device (Google):

Android users can use Google’s Find My Device to locate their phones and remotely lock or erase data.

3. Find My Mobile (Samsung):

Samsung device owners can use this service to locate, lock, or wipe their phones.

4. Prey Project: Find my phone

Prey offers tracking and security tools for various devices, including phones, laptops, and tablets.

5. Lookout:

A comprehensive mobile security app that can help you locate your phone and protect your data.

6. Cerberus:

Offers robust tracking and security features for Android devices.

7. iHound: Find my phone

An iPhone tracking app that can help you recover your lost device.

8. McAfee Mobile Security:

It provides phone tracking features besides security.

its find my phone


9. Lost Android:

An open-source app that allows Android users to track and control their lost devices.

10. Find My Friends (Apple): Find my phone

You can use this app to share your location with trusted contacts who can help you find your device.

11. Android Device Manager:

A Google service to locate and secure Android devices.

12. Lost Mode (Apple):

Locks your lost iPhone and displays a custom message with your contact number.

13. Where’s My Droid: Find my phone

An app that helps you locate your Android device via text commands.

14. Family Locator (T-Mobile):

T-Mobile users can use this service to track family member devices.

15. GPS Phone Tracker:

Offers real-time location tracking for iOS and Android devices.

16. Find My Headset: Find my phone

It is specifically designed for locating Bluetooth headsets but can also be used for other devices.

17. Avast Anti-Theft:

A part of Avast Mobile Security, it offers anti-theft features, including phone tracking.

18. Android Lost:

You can remotely control and track your Android device.

19. SeekDroid: Find my phone

A paid Android app with robust tracking and security features.

20. Norton Mobile Security:

Norton’s mobile security suite includes phone tracking capabilities.

21. Mobile Number Tracker Pro:

Helps you track the location of your lost or stolen phone based on the phone number.

22. Mobile Spy: Find my phone

Offers phone tracking features, but it’s mainly used for parental control.

23. Spydialer:

A reverse phone lookup service that can help you identify unknown callers.

24. Find My Device (Windows):

If you have a Windows device, you can use this service to locate it.

25. Xfinity Mobile’s Phone Finder: Find my phone

If you’re an Xfinity Mobile customer, this tool can help you locate your device.

26. Locate My Phone (Republic Wireless):

Republic Wireless users can use this tool for tracking.

27. IMEI Pro:

Helps you track your device using its IMEI number.

28. iCloud (Apple): Find my phone

iCloud’s web interface allows you to track your lost Apple devices.

29. Sprint Family Locator:

Sprint users can use this service to locate family members’ devices.


30. iTag: Find my phone

A Bluetooth tracker for your belongings can also be used for your phone.


Losing your phone is undoubtedly a stressful experience, but these 30 websites and apps can significantly increase your chances of recovering it. Remember to act quickly, as time is of the essence when tracking down a lost or stolen device. Ensure you have one or more of these tools installed and set up on your device to be prepared for any unexpected situation.