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10 Hottest Outfits by Elena Gilbert


Elena Gilbert: Elena Gilbert, portrayed by Nina Dobrev, not only captured the hearts of millions with her compelling character in “The Vampire Diaries” but also left a lasting impression with her impeccable sense of style. From casual ensembles to glamorous gowns, Elena’s wardrobe was a constant source of fashion inspiration. Let’s delve into the world of Mystic Falls and explore the 10 hottest outfits donned by the iconic Elena Gilbert.


1. Mystic Falls Chic

Elena’s everyday style effortlessly blended comfort and style. One standout look was her signature combination of skinny jeans, knee-high boots, and a well-fitted leather jacket. This ensemble exuded a laid-back vibe while maintaining an edgy appeal, making it the perfect choice for navigating the supernatural challenges of Mystic Falls.

2. Masquerade Elegance

The Masquerade Ball in Season 2 brought out the glamorous side of Elena. Her floor-length, strapless gown in deep crimson showcased her sophistication and grace. The intricate lace detailing and flowing silhouette made her the epitome of timeless beauty as she danced the night away with the mysterious Salvatore brothers.

3. Founder’s Day Flair

Founder’s Day in Mystic Falls demanded a touch of vintage elegance, and Elena delivered with a classic A-line dress. The soft floral pattern and sweetheart neckline added a touch of innocence to her look, contrasting with the supernatural chaos that often surrounded the town.

4. Casual Charm

Elena’s off-duty style radiated charm, and one casual yet chic outfit that stood out was her plaid shirt paired with denim shorts. This laid-back look perfectly captured her girl-next-door persona, proving that Elena could effortlessly transition from high-stakes drama to everyday simplicity.


5. Funeral Couture

Even in moments of grief, Elena managed to shine with her refined fashion choices. Her black funeral dress in Season 4 was a masterclass in mourning attire, combining modesty with subtle elegance. The lace detailing and knee-length cut struck a perfect balance between solemnity and style.

6. Prom Princess

Elena’s prom night was a pivotal moment in the series, and her attire reflected the significance of the event. Her ethereal, floor-length gown in pale blue showcased her radiant beauty, while the intricate beading added a touch of glamour fit for a prom princess.

7. Leather and Lace

In moments of danger and suspense, Elena often turned to a striking combination of leather and lace. Whether it was a leather jacket paired with a lace-trimmed top or a lace dress with a leather accent, this juxtaposition of textures added a fierce and feminine edge to her wardrobe.

8. Katherine Pierce’s Doppelganger Style

When Elena briefly embraced her darker side as Katherine Pierce, her fashion sense took a sultrier turn. Figure-hugging dresses, plunging necklines, and bold accessories defined this edgier phase of Elena’s style evolution, showcasing Nina Dobrev’s versatility as an actress.

9. Homecoming Glam

For Mystic Falls High School’s homecoming dance, Elena chose a timeless yet contemporary look. Her one-shoulder, asymmetrical gown in a deep shade of red not only complemented her character’s resilience but also solidified her status as the belle of the ball.


10. Flashback Fashion

Throughout the series, flashbacks provided glimpses into Elena’s historical counterparts. Each era brought forth a new wardrobe, highlighting the character’s adaptability. From Victorian gowns to ’60s-inspired dresses, these flashback outfits showcased the breadth of Elena’s style across different time periods.

In retrospect, Elena Gilbert’s fashion journey in “The Vampire Diaries” was nothing short of iconic. From everyday casual to formal glamour, her wardrobe choices reflected the evolution of her character and the challenges she faced in Mystic Falls. As fans continue to rewatch the series, Elena’s hottest outfits will undoubtedly remain etched in the annals of TV fashion history.