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Who Kidnapped Abby Hernandez and what was the reason behind?

Abby Hernandez

Abby Hernandez: In 2013, a small town in New Hampshire was gripped by fear. A seemingly everyday act of kindness – accepting a ride home from a stranger – turned into a nightmare for 14-year-old Abby Hernandez. Her abduction, lasting a harrowing nine months, sent shockwaves through the community and raised unsettling questions about the motives behind such a heinous crime.

The culprit was Nathaniel Kibby, a seemingly unassuming mechanic from a neighboring town. On October 9th, he stopped Abby on her way from school, offering a seemingly friendly ride. What followed was a descent into darkness. He locked her in a hidden shipping container on his property, plunging her into a world of isolation and terror.

Abby Hernandez

Unraveling the Motive: Abby Hernandez

While Kibby never explicitly gave a reason for his actions, the details of the case and his past offer glimpses into a disturbing mix of factors. Some speculate that Kibby, facing personal and financial struggles, saw Abby as a solution to his woes. He reportedly forced her to participate in counterfeiting activities, suggesting a warped desire for economic gain.

Others point to Kibby’s history of voyeurism and petty crime, suggesting a pre-existing pattern of predatory behavior. The isolation of the shipping container and the systematic control he exerted over Abby point toward a deep-seated obsession and a desire for power.

However, the full picture remains murky. Kibby, who pleaded guilty to avoid the death penalty, never divulged his intentions with any clarity. This lack of closure adds a layer of tragedy to Abby’s ordeal.

Abby Hernandez looking happy

A Story of Survival:

Abby’s story, however, is not just one of victimhood. Despite the unimaginable horror she endured, her courage and resilience shine through. Trapped in the container, she clung to hope, meticulously planning her escape. She formed a complex relationship with Kibby, strategically gaining his trust while subtly gathering information about her surroundings.

Finally, after nine months of playing a dangerous game, Abby saw her chance. She concocted a story about needing medical attention, a ploy Kibby fell for. In a harrowing moment, she convinced him to drive her to North Conway, near where she was first taken. Seizing the opportunity, Abby jumped out of the car and disappeared into the crowd, finally returning to the world she was stolen from.

The Aftermath and Beyond: Abby Hernandez

Kibby was sentenced to 45-90 years in prison for his crimes. However, justice for Abby and her family is an ongoing process. The kidnapping left deep scars, both physical and emotional. Yet, Abby has chosen to share her story publicly, becoming an advocate for child safety and a source of inspiration for other survivors.

Abby Hernandez before the kindnapping

Her case highlights the ever-present dangers of stranger abduction and the importance of open communication between parents and children. It also underscores the incredible strength of the human spirit, a testament to Abby’s unwavering will to survive and reclaim her life.

Abby Hernandez’s kidnapping remains a dark chapter in the history of New Hampshire. But from the shadows of fear and trauma, there emerges a story of resilience, courage, and hope. It is a story that reminds us of the vulnerability of everyday life but also the extraordinary power of the human spirit in the face of adversity.














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