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Who is Emily Blunt married to? Boyfriend and social life

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Emily Blunt: Emily Blunt, a beloved British actress, has won hearts all over the world with her talent, charm, and captivating performances on both the big and small screens. While she’s known for her exceptional acting skills, many fans are curious about her personal life, especially her romantic relationship. In this article, we’ll delve into the exciting details about Emily Blunt’s husband, her previous relationships, and her active social life.

Emily Blunt’s Love Life: Who is She Married to?

Emily Blunt is happily married to the incredibly talented American actor, John Krasinski. The couple’s love story is one for the books and has captured the attention of fans and media alike.

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Emily Blunt and John Krasinski’s Love Story:

Emily and John’s story began in 2008 when they were introduced by a mutual friend. Their connection was instant, and they soon started dating. The pair’s chemistry was undeniable, and they quickly became one of Hollywood’s most adored couples.

After a whirlwind romance, Emily and John tied the knot on July 10, 2010, in a picturesque ceremony in Lake Como, Italy. Their love has only grown stronger over the years, and they are often seen supporting each other at red carpet events and in their professional lives.

THE emily blunt

John Krasinski: Emily Blunt’s Rock and Love of Her Life:

John Krasinski, known for his role in the hit TV series “The Office” and for directing and starring in the acclaimed horror film “A Quiet Place,” has been a pillar of strength and support for Emily. Their relationship is a testament to the power of love in the fast-paced world of Hollywood.

The couple has two beautiful daughters, Hazel and Violet, born in 2014 and 2016, respectively. Emily and John’s shared journey as parents has brought them even closer and is a testament to their love and dedication to their family.

Previous Relationships:

Before her relationship with John Krasinski, Emily Blunt was romantically linked to Canadian singer Michael Bublé. However, the relationship ended in 2008, opening the door to her future with Krasinski.

Emily Blunt’s Active Social Life:

Despite their busy careers and family life, Emily Blunt and John Krasinski are often seen at various social events and galas. They’re known for their down-to-earth personalities and easygoing demeanor, making them a favorite among their peers and fans.

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Emily’s social life also extends beyond the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. She’s actively involved in charity work and supports various causes. Her commitment to making the world a better place adds another layer to her endearing personality.


Emily Blunt’s love story with John Krasinski is one of Hollywood’s most heartwarming tales. Their dedication to each other and their family, coupled with their individual success, makes them an inspiration to many. Emily’s active social life, both in the public eye and her charitable efforts, further demonstrates her genuine and caring nature. Fans can continue to watch her career flourish while celebrating her loving marriage to John Krasinski.



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