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Who is Dating Kaitlyn Bristowe 2024? Full Relationship Timeline


Kaitlyn Bristowe: However, I can provide a general template for a blog post about Kaitlyn Bristowe’s relationship timeline up to my last knowledge update. Keep in mind that any details about her relationships after January 2022 would need to be researched independently.


Title: Kaitlyn Bristowe’s Love Journey: A Relationship Timeline


Kaitlyn Bristowe, known for her time on “The Bachelorette,” has captivated audiences not only with her charm but also with her journey to find love. Over the years, fans have followed her relationships, and here’s a timeline of the key moments in her love life.


Early Days:

Kaitlyn gained widespread recognition during her stint as the Bachelorette in Season 11, where she faced tough decisions and ultimately chose Shawn Booth as her fiancé. The two seemed inseparable and shared glimpses of their relationship on social media, creating a fan-favorite couple.

Engagement with Shawn Booth:

After a whirlwind romance on the show, Kaitlyn and Shawn got engaged in the season finale. Their engagement was marked by adorable Instagram posts, red-carpet appearances, and joint ventures. However, despite their initial connection, the couple announced their split in 2018, leaving fans heartbroken.

Single and Ready to Mingle:

Following the end of her engagement, Kaitlyn embraced the single life and focused on personal growth. She continued to share her life on social media, documenting her adventures, and connecting with fans.


Enter Jason Tartick:

In January 2019, Kaitlyn met former Bachelorette contestant Jason Tartick. Their relationship began as a friendship but quickly blossomed into something more. The couple was open about their journey, sharing podcast episodes, Instagram stories, and pictures that showcased their compatibility and love for one another.

Going Public:

Kaitlyn and Jason officially confirmed their relationship in early 2019, delighting fans who had been following their growing connection. The couple’s chemistry was evident in their joint podcast ventures and public appearances, solidifying them as a fan-favorite duo.


Life Together:

As the couple continued to grow closer, they also faced the challenges of a public relationship. Kaitlyn and Jason’s openness about their journey endeared them to fans, who appreciated their authenticity and honesty.

Looking Ahead:

While my knowledge is limited to information available up until January 2022, Kaitlyn’s fans are undoubtedly eager to know more about her current relationship status in 2024. For the latest updates on Kaitlyn Bristowe’s love life, be sure to check her social media accounts and stay tuned for the latest news.



Kaitlyn Bristowe’s love journey has been a rollercoaster of emotions, from the highs of finding love on reality television to the lows of navigating public breakups. Through it all, Kaitlyn has remained authentic to herself, endearing her to fans who continue to support her in whatever romantic adventures lie ahead.