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Where is Rhea Perlman Currently? Facts Revealed

Rhea Perlman looking good

Rhea Perlman: Rhea Perlman, the actress who stole hearts as Carla Tortelli on “Cheers” and recently captivated audiences as Barbie mastermind Ruth Handler, remains a fascinating enigma. Separated from Danny DeVito for over a decade, yet still married, and actively pursuing diverse roles, pinpointing her “where” might be trickier than you think. So, let’s unravel the threads of her current tapestry and discover where Rhea Perlman truly resides.

Rhea Perlman looking good


Officially, Perlman calls Los Angeles home. Interviews like her 2023 chat with Julia Louis-Dreyfus paint a picture of cozy solitude, filled with the companionship of her beloved dog. Occasionally, photos surface of her attending premieres alongside DeVito, hinting at continued affection and shared milestones. But Perlman seems equally comfortable carving her own path, relishing quiet evenings and independent exploration.


Perlman seems at peace with the unconventional nature of her relationship with DeVito. Their “amicable divorce” as she jokingly calls it, has blossomed into a deep companionship rooted in shared history and mutual respect. She readily admits the initial difficulty but emphasizes the importance of family and their “pretty decent understanding” now. Her Instagram, peppered with pictures of children and grandchildren, reveals a woman deeply invested in the fabric of her family, regardless of marital status.

Rhea Perlman


This is where Perlman truly soars. From her recent critically acclaimed turn as Ruth Handler to recurring roles in shows like “The Mindy Project,” she’s embraced a chameleon-like agility. In 2023 alone, she lent her voice to animated series, tackled dramatic roles in independent films, and even dabbled in stand-up comedy. Perlman’s artistic hunger seems insatiable, a constant quest for new challenges and untapped dimensions.


Perlman exudes a quiet sense of self-awareness. In interviews, she speaks with candor about navigating aging, embracing solitude, and finding joy in the small things. There’s a vulnerability to her, a willingness to acknowledge life’s complexities without cynicism. Whether it’s her openness about facing depression or her playful engagement with fans on social media, Perlman appears grounded in a genuine appreciation for the human experience.

So, where is Rhea Perlman?

She’s everywhere and nowhere, defying neat categorization. She’s in the echo of Carla Tortelli’s wisecracks, the twinkle in Ruth Handler’s eyes, and the unassuming grace she brings to offbeat indie characters. She’s in the laughter shared with loved ones, the quiet moments with her dog, and the thrill of tackling uncharted creative territory.

Rhea Perlman is a testament to the multifaceted nature of being. She’s proof that life can be messy, beautiful, and ever-evolving, and that “where” you are is less about location and more about the way you navigate the present. In Perlman’s case, that navigation is done with humor, wisdom, and a boundless curiosity that keeps her perpetually fascinating and ever-moving forward.