In the year 2014, the entire nation was shocked after it emerged that one of Uhuru’s presidential motorcade was stolen. This brought alot of questions as to the state of the national security if a presidential escort car could be stolen.

In a 2022 ruling delivered by Millimani chief Magistrate Francis Andayi, the mechanic was found guilty after years investigations. He was handed the harsh death sentence as his actions were considered as a matter of threat to the security of the executive.

The BMW 735 Car valued at Kshs 1.2 million in the year 2014 was stolen in the hands of a chief inspector of police David Machui. The suspect mechanic has been charged alongside four others in a robbery with violence directed to Inspector David at a gun point. The incidence happened in Utawala, Nairobi on the 26th of August 2014.

In the charge sheet presented to the court, it was recorded that the mechanic was armed with an AK-47 gun and another pistol during which they threatened Inspector David and drove away with the car at a terrific speed.

However, the mechanic was charged alone in the court of law since the two other accused persons had since died and the judge was left with no other option but to acquit them. The first died in 2017 in Kenya while the second accused died under unclear circumstances in Uganda.

The two other car dealers were released due to lack of sufficient evidence to link them to the theft of the presidential vehicle. Further reports indicate that the vehicle was moved to Uganda. However, the Kenyan police and that of Uganda collaborated in monitoring and recovering the vehicle.

However, the mechanic had to get rid of the sophisticated tracking system in the vehicle before moving it to Kampala. It should be noted that the vehicle was one of the most tracked in the country.



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