Francis Atwoli, the current COTU secretary general has sparkled mixed reactions across various social media platforms after claiming the unthinkable. The highly decorated statesman, commonly known for his phrase ”Sheeenzi sana” is one of the vocal Kenyans  who serves in offices in and out of the country. Papa Francis Atwoli has severally claimed that Uhuru Kenyatta is too young to retire and it seems so after he made the following remarks.

The central Organization of Trade Unions(COTU) Secretary General has hinted to the general public that President Uhuru Kenyatta is likely to return to power after 10 years from August 2022 when he retires. Defending his sentiments to the general public, Atwoli has claimed that it is not the first time a highly ranking politician  is a return to the political arena. It has happened in several developed nations and why not kenya.

Atwoli has insisted that this years labour day celebrations might not be the last of the celebrations for Uhuru Kenyatta to grace, as he is still a young person and its too early to retire. Here are his exact sentiments: ”We can’t rule out the possibility of Uhuru Kenyatta returning as president in the near future”.

Upon looking at the 2010 constitution, it does not allow a former head of state to return to power after retirement. A person shall not hold office as president for more than two terms as declared in the 2010 constitution. However, it seems the Azimio team might draft a way for Uhuru to return to power following the famous BBI forum.


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