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Trent Alexander Arnold is definitely one of the finest footballers in the English premier league for a couple of years. He has all it takes to be crowned the best of the best defenders. He has got the pace, skills, passing abilities, and his defending prowess are beyond measurability. To return back to our main website, click on http://dailyfootballupdates.com He is all a coach needs to win multiple trophies. Today, we look deeply into his biography. Take a look.

Full Name:

Trent John Alexander Arnold

Year and Date of Birth

He was born on the 7th of October in the year 1998. This means that he is 23 years of age. What a perfect age for a football career that is already blossoming and looks promising. To read more on Jamie Vardy Biography, click on Jamie Vardy Biography, Age, Wife, Nationality, and Retirement.

Trent Alexander Arnold


He is an English National who has represented his country severally at International competitions including world cup qualifiers.

Position played by Trent Alexander-Arnold.

He is a right-back both at the England National Team and the Liverpool Football Club.

Trent Alexander Arnold

Clubs he has played for:

He began his football journey at the Liverpool academy back in the year 2004. He has grown through the academy life and is now a member of the senior club. He is regarded as one of the finest right-backs in the world currently. To receive help with your assignment, click onhttp://comparisonandcontrastessays.com

Trent Alexander Arnold Girlfriend:

He is reportedly said to be dating a beautiful lady by the name Hannah Atkins. This is according to reports by the daily mail.


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