All sources have indicated that Todd Boehly is the new Chelsea owner after winning the highly elated race. His bid to purchase the Stamford bridge club has been accepted and this comes as good news to Chelsea fans spread across the globe who were in a quagmire over the ownership takeover.  For this reason, I have prepared a detailed research of everything you need to know about Todd Boehly. What is the source of wealth for this billionaire and from which country is he. Take a look.

Full Name:

Todd Boehly

Todd Boehly Occupation:

He is known across the business world as a serious investor, a businessman as well as a philanthropist.

Todd Boehly Nationality:

He is an American.

Which Companies does he own:

He is the co-founder as well as the chairman and controlling member of the Eldridge Industries. This is a holding company that has its headquarters in Greenwich.

Which schools did Todd Boehly attend:

He is a former student of the college of William and Mary where he graduated in the year 1996 with a B.B.A in Finance. He is also an Alma Mater of the prestigious London school of economics.

Number of Children:

It is recorded that the billionaire has a total number of three children.

Other Firms and Companies Owned by Todd Boehly:

1.Insurance company by the name security benefit life insurance.

2.Clearcover Insurance.

3.RIA Insurance netwok.

4.Caln International real estate company based in London.

5.Data Technological company known as Knoema.

6.Los Angeles Dodgers.

History of Purchasing Chelsea:

It is not the first time that Boehly has tried to Purchase Chelsea. In the year 2019, Todd Boehly made an attempt to buy Chelsea at a cost of $3 billion but the then owner Roman Abramovich declined the offer.

Forbes net worth: Todd Boehly 

According to Forbes real-time wealth tracker, Todd is said to be currently worth a whooping $4.5 billion.


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