Thomas Tuchel’s Wife is one of the stylish ladies to have ever graced the English premier league as a spouse to a reigning manager. His husband is the current football manager at Chelsea Fc and is enjoying a good season, having been on top of the English Premier League on several occasions. This article will focus on Thomas Tuchel’s wife, her biography, and many other things you did not know about her. Take a look:

Full name:

Sissi Tuchel

Year of Birth and Current age

Having been born in 1975, she is currently 46 years of age as of 2021.

Thomas Tuchel's Wife

When Did the two love birds get married:

The two recited their wedding vows in 2009 in a wedding attended by a small circle of friends due to the privacy levels of the family. To read more on Thiago Silva and his wife, click on Thiago Silva’s Wife Biography, Her age, Nationality and Occupation

Nationality of Thomas Tuchel’s Wife

The beautiful lady was born in Germany. This, therefore, means that she has the nationality of Germany just like her husband, Thomas Tuchel.

Occupation of Thomas Tuchel’s Wife

Sissi is famous to many for being the wife of Chelsea’s current boss. That aside, Sissi is a successful businesswoman who runs several errands across the cities. She formerly worked at Suddeutsche Zeitung newspaper publishing company in Germany. To read on local news in Africa, click on


The family is blessed with two daughters, one born in 2010 and the other in 2011.

Thomas Tuchel's Wife

Education Life of Thomas Tuchel’s Wife

She was an excellent student at the high school level, graduating top of her class in Germany. She later advanced her University education and graduated with a bachelor’s degree though the university has not yet been revealed.

Does Thomas Tuchel’s Wife Influence his Decisions at Chelsea?

To some extent, I will agree with what the Bible means when it says that when two get into a marriage agreement, they become one. Sissi Tuchel might not be so much into football but she dictates some of her husband’s decisions and choices. To return to our main website, click on

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