As said earlier, interviews present a perfect opportunity to prove why you should be the person  hired for a specific job. It is more or less like a court session where you have to explain why you are not guilty and you have to convince the judges to free you. However, in an interview, the primary goal is to make sure that you leave the panelist amused by your high qualifications and tempting them to hire you in the next few seconds. As you are preparing yourself to answer questions asked in an interview, allow me to give you some things that you should never say in an interview since they are a red flag.

1.Asking what the company does:

This is a total red flag. Never ask the panelists what is the role of the company or the kind of job the company does. This means that you are not fully ready for the interview and that you did not do your research prior to the day.

2.Talking and gossiping much about your last company:

In as much as you hate your previous employers, avoid mentioning them too much to people. You should be either neutral or positive.

3.Claiming  that you are nervous:

Learn to control your emotions. Do not confess to the panelists that you are nervous, however nervous you may seem to be.

4.Confessing that you don’t have much experience:

In all ways and means, never confess that you are lesser than other interviewees or you lack experience. When you apologize for not having experience you are simply saying that you are not the right person for the job.

5.”Yes I have a perfect answer to that

Never be too much confident in front of the panelist. Leave room for some fear. Once you memorize answers bit by bit as it appears in the internet, it shows that you lack the originality that is needed.

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