Talen Horton Tucker is a perfect epitome of upcoming basketball players that will soon be the new face of America after the current legends hung their boots. On this exclusive article, we speak more of Talen, the upcoming NBA superstar who plays for the Los Angeles Lakers. Here is everything you need to know about him. We shall also include an exclusive coverage of his previous and current romantic relationships, if any.

Talen Horton Tucker: Age and Date of Birth:

As depicted earlier, Talen is just as young as he looks, though at his age, he has achieved great things in life, including playing for one of the most prestigious NBA clubs in the world. Talen Jalee Horton Tucher is currently 21 years of age, having been born on the 25th of November in 2000.

Talen Horton Tucker: Position he plays at

Those who have watched basketball can attest to the fact that the game is engaging and involves various positions one can play at, depending on their abilities. Talen plays as a Shooting guard in the NBA league for the Los Angeles Lakers.

Talen Horton Tucker

Talen Horton Tucker: Educational Life

He has excelled in his studies too, being an alma matter of the prestigious Simeon High school in Illinois, Chicago. He also proceeded to Lowa State University where he studied while playing basketball for the institution.

Previous Clubs:

He has played for the Lowa State University and the South Bay Lakers before joining the Los Angeles Lakers.

Talen Horton Tucker: Girlfriend and Previous Romantic Relationships:

Details of his previous romantic relationships have not emerged yet, our teams on the ground are working on identifying any previous relationship that he was involved in. Moving on to issues of his love life, rumour has it that Talen might be dating an unidentified lady. We are still handling the issue and will get back to you.



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