Sure Tips on how to Last Longer in bed during ''mechi''

A number of married people have confronted me, requesting me to speak on the issue of intimacy. The issue is affecting many families, often affecting how a wife relates to a husband. I must begin by confessing that sex is good, and in fact is a sure way to cement the relationship with your spouse. There is a way that you engage in sex that will leave your partner fully satisfied and yearning for more. Lasting longer in bed prolongs pleasure and gives each of the partners a greater sense of control. Here are some of the well researched sure tips. Take a look.

1.Avoid Premature Ejaculation:

When one of the partners ejaculates so early, it will end up causing distress and makes sex difficult for the other partner as well. Ejaculation is all about controlling the state of your mind. If the mind is fixed on a point such as to delay ejaculation, that is exactly what will happen. Control your mind!

Sure Tips on how to Last Longer in bed during ''mechi''

2.Taking the right Medication:

Premature Ejaculation may be a medical issue. A group of antidepressants known as Selective serotonin changes the sexual function and delays ejaculation, allowing you and your partner to last longer.

3.Use of Desensitizers.

This are drugs that decreases the sensitivity of the penis, making one to have the ability to delay ejaculation. Some choose to apply a special type of spray to the penis 20 minutes before the sexual penetration and it has worked out in making one last longer in bed.

4.A good foreplay:

Sexual foreplay includes touching the private parts of your partner to arouse them for sex. Foreplay gives a chance for many to extend their sexual activity. Many females agree to the fact that penetration alone doesn’t result to full organism, thus calling for the need  of clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm.

5.Use of Specific Sexual techniques/style:

Yes, it is a fact that some sexual techniques will help delay ejaculation. Consistently practicing the techniques will progressively increase the duration of sex. The methods include squeeze method as well as the stop-start method.

6.Deep breathing:

Deep breathing helps people to refocus on their minds and thus better control their erection. They try slowing down the stimulation and breathing slowly and deeply as ejaculation nears.

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