State Funeral

State funeral refers to the last farewell ceremony that a state accords to its esteemed citizens when they die. For you to be accorded such an honor, you must have directly contributed to the betterment of the country or served as the heads of state and government.

1.Mzee Jomo Kenyatta( State Funeral 1978). The founding father of this nation received a state funeral that was largely controlled by foreign cultures and the traditional African burial practices had very little place in the entire ceremony. Being a sitting head of state and government by then, no other funeral procedure would suit better than a state burial. There were 30 days of national mourning and flags flew half-mast. The funeral was attended by 11 heads of state and government. Kenyatta was buried at parliament square in a marble mausoleum which is under 24 hr security to date. His coffin was wrapped using the Kenyan flag.

State Funeral

2.Kijana Michael Wamalwa(2003). He died at the Royal Free hospital in London. Upon arrival at JKIA, his body was received by President Mwai Kibaki and his family members. It was wrapped with the Kenyan flag and taken to the Parliament buildings. He was accorded a full state funeral.

3.Professor Wangari Maathai(2011). She is known to many for winning the prestigious Nobel prize award in 2004. She was mourned nationally for two days with flags half-mast. She was buried in full military honors.

4.Mama Lucy Kibaki(2016). She died at Bupa Cromwell Hospital in London. Her body was received at JKIA by president Uhuru Kenyatta and other government officials. She was accorded a state funeral and later buried in Othaya.

5.Mzee Daniel Moi(2020). It is one of the most colorful state burial ceremonies as the former head of state was mourned across the world.


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