As the world celebrates a breakthrough in the online shopping industry, shoppers across the world have their own experience of the online shopping thing. Many have cried foul of being conned while others have shared their experience of buying products that they did not intent to. The other day, a mother was crying after her 6- year old boy bought Online Chocolate for kshs 350,000 using his mother’s shopping card. That aside, allow me to share a real story of a gentleman who bought a handful sofa in one of the online stores.

One online shopper rushed to purchase a sofa worth Kshs 2800 and realized that it was just a toy-sized sofa upon delivery. The man has shared with us that the product was shipped from abroad and that it took one month to arrive in Africa. The Ghanaian man, much to his surprise, Cried when he went to pick the item from the delivery man. It turned out to be a very small model of a sofa set that was delivered to him by a motorbike and wrapped in a piece of paper.

Many netizens have come out to express their comments. They argue out that the man ought to have been careful buying a sofa set for that cheap amount of money. It should always be noted that cheap is very expensive.

Many ladies have also expressed their dissatisfaction when they ordered dresses worn by display models for the dress to turn out exactly opposite of what they thought it would be. What is your experience with Online shopping? Share with us today..

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2 thought on “Man Cries after Buying a Sofa Online for Kshs 2800, realizes its a Toy size after Delivery”
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