Serge Gnabry’s Girlfriend is one of the influential topics in various social media platforms . Serge commands a  multitude of followers from across a wide array of social media platforms, hence many people are interested in his love life. On this article, we clearly explain key details of the love life of this football player. Serge Gnabry is a 26 year old winger who plays for the German side Bayern Munchen in the Bundesliga.

Full name:

Serge Gnabry

Current Relationship Status:

Having conducted a series of online research in various social media platforms, it is safe to conclude that Serge is single as of now, having parted ways with his model girlfriend back last year.

Serge Gnabry's Girlfriend

When did Serge become single:

Until January 2021, Serge was in a happy relationship. They parted ways with the immediate former girlfriend after a fight at Serge’s house.

Who is the Immediate Former Serge Gnabry’s Girlfriend:

Serge was dating a model girlfriend by the name Sandra Jerze from the early 2020. The relationship was characterized by charming moments with the two updating happy moments over different social media platforms.

Serge Gnabry's Girlfriend

What went wrong with Serge Gnabry’s Girlfriend:

Hell broke loose when She explained to Serge that she was pregnant with his kid. Serge on the other hand did not believe that he was the father of the kid and instead asked the lady to leave. This resulted in both unfollowing each other over various social media platforms and the police had to chip in.

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