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Scott McTominay is one of the football stars in the English Premier League. He is currently playing for Manchester United and has proven to be helpful, helping them win several matches that were very radicle. This article is meant for you, being a great fan of Manchester players. Here are some of the things you did not know about.

Full name:

Scott Francis McTominay

Year and Date of Birth:

Mc Tominay is a youngster, having been born on the 8th of December in 1996. Age is getting up with him but the young man seems to be aging like fine wine.

Scott McTominay Place of Birth

Scott was born in Lancaster, England. Despite being born in England, he plays for Scotland. To read on local news, click on

Scott McTominay

Former clubs Scott McTominay has played for

Scott is a graduate of the Manchester United Academy. Since exiting from the academy, he joined the senior team and has made several appearances for the top-flight team. To read more on de Gea and his biography, click on David de Gea Biography, Height, Sight Health, Wife and Nickname

Why Scott McTominay plays for Scotland Instead of England.

As far as one has duo-citizenship, they have a chance to choose which of the countries they want to play for. Such as been the case with McTominay who enjoys citizenship of Scotland through his Scottish father.

Scott McTominay


Scott is a Christian and a devoted one.

Scott McTominay Nickname:

Scott has two nicknames. People tend to call him ‘McSauce’. He revealed to dailyfootballupdates that his nickname is Tin Man. That is what his fellow plays love to call him.

Scott McTominay Girlfriend:

Currently, Scott is not in any relationship. He is very much single and ready to interact, unlike his teammates who are dating and others are married. To read more on  Lukaku, click onLukaku’s Biography, girlfriend and Salary at Chelsea Football Club

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