Meet Top 10 Most Beautiful, Sassy Female Lawyers in Kenya

Top 10 Most Beautiful Female Lawyers in Kenya: Kenya is a nation full of beautiful ladies in almost every corner. Over the recent past, beauty has constantly dominated the corridors of justice as more sassy ladies are admitted at the bar. It seems that justice will be served by beautiful hands. In my list today, allow me to analyze some of the most beautiful female lawyers I have come across. Here is my list, note that it is not arranged in any order of merit.

1.Karen Nyamu

karen tops our list of the most sassy and well established female lawyers in the country. She is an epitome of beauty with brains. She is the founder and owner of Nyamu and Company advocates. Karen is a mother of two kids, both belonging to vernacular kikuyu singer Samidoh.

Meet Top 10 Most Beautiful, Sassy Female Lawyers in Kenya

2.DJ Tabz

Commonly known as Tabitha Githere, the sassy lady is beautiful taking up the corridors of justice by the storm. She knows how to perfectly balance between being a top-notch dj and an advocate of the high court of Kenya.

3.Maureen Kunga:

Maureen is one of the band musicians of Elani, a local band that is famous in the country. Apart from being a renown singer, she couples up as a graduate lawyer from the prestigious University of Nairobi school of law.

Meet Top 10 Most Beautiful, Sassy Female Lawyers in Kenya

4.Corazon Kwamboka:

Kwamboka is one of the renown celebrities in the country. The curvaceous beauty is a graduate of the Kenya School of Law in the year 2016 and was admitted to the bar. She still serves Kenyans justice as well as sassy curves an twists.

Meet Top 10 Most Beautiful, Sassy Female Lawyers in Kenya

5.Ester Ang’awa:

She is a real defination that black too, is beautiful. Her publicity came to the lime light during the BBI ruling. Together with Nelson Havi, they run a company known as Ang’awa and Co defenders.

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