''Apa sio Mbinguni'' Ruto Confronts his Supporters Blowing Vuvuzela during Rallies

With the August polls fast approaching, Politicians are flying from one part of the nation to another in a bid to solidify their votes and make more political Allies. This week, Ruto took advantage of the missing Azimio principles to intensify his votes, vising the greater Muranga county, Nairobi county and Nakuru County. During the Ngara visit, the deputy president had a light moment when one of his supporters interrupted his speech using a Vuvuzela.

Ruto came out in a polite manner to remind his supporters of the Biblical Phrase that Vuvuzela’s(Trumpet) will be blown on the last day to signal the holy ones ascending to heaven to meet with their Lord Jesus. The Dp confronted the fans who were constantly blowing the trumpets as he addressed a rally in the Ngara region of Nairobi County.

''Apa sio Mbinguni'' Ruto Confronts his Supporters Blowing Vuvuzela during Rallies

Unable to address his supporters due to the noise caused by the Vuvuzela’s, Ruto asked them to spot blowing their trumpets and was quoted saying: ”Tafadhali, watu wa tarumbeta. Wacheni hiyo kwanza. Sasa nyinyi, si Biblia inasema tarumbeta itapigwa siku tutaenda mbiguni, leo wacha mambo ya tarumbeta, bado tuko area.”

Ruto went ahead to defend the members of the Boda Boda association claiming that the mistake of a few members should not be used to punish the entire industry. He also requested members of the public to Vote him in as the fifth president of the republic of Kenya. Ruto shared his agenda with the general public, stating that if elected, he will begin by promoting the bottom-up economic model that targets the common mwananchi. Follow our Facebook page.




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